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Portfolio Wide Grid Gap


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    Hi i wanted to make a page called "Gallery" and insert in it different images from the portfolio but i can't find a way to insert content and make it appear like yours (http://silicon.8guild.com/portfolio-wide-grid-gap/) how do i do it?

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    Here is a shot guide how to do this. As example I will use this post. As you can see this is a first post on the requested page. Ok,

    1. Add a new posts in Portfolio. Fill in the Title, Content and Excerpt fields. Title and excerpt fields are used on the Portfolio tile. And content is used inside the single portfolio post.

    2. Upload a Featured Image. It is used as a cover image.

    3. Scroll the page down and here you can see a Page Settings meta box. Here you can set up some page features, but for our purpose we need the Appearance tab.

    Inside the Appearance tab select the Layout. This option affects the single portfolio post and the difference you can see on our demo site (in menu Portfolio > Single Project). But also this will enable the Inline Gallery feature on portfolio post tile.

    When you change the Layout to something different from Blank the Gallery file appear where you can upload your images. 

    With "Exclude Featured Image" option you can control either add or remove the Featured Images to the Gallery.

    Some notes about the "Blank" layout. The main idea behind this type of Layout is for no limits for users. Here you can create any content in Visual Composer without any templates, the same like Pages.

    4. To output you Portfolio items we use the Portfolio Grid shortcode.

    But first you have to open the Section shortcode settings and change the Content Layout option to Full Width

    Next set up the Portfolio Grid like on provided screenshot:

    Note, in Query Builder tab you can choose what posts will be loaded, in Filters tab you can set up filters (filters is based on portfolio categories) and in last tab you can choose the Pagination type for current Portfolio Grid.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


    8Guild Team

  • samellos replied

    Hi, thank you very much everything works just fine!

    Thanks for such a detailed guide and fast response, really appreciate it.

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    8 Guild replied

    Glad to help you!

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