Theme Options: How to set up a Page Title

Page Title is the most top block of your page. It is placed right under the header.

StartApp contains a various settings to customize the Page Title. You can find them inside the Page Settings meta box on the editable page within your WordPress Dashboard.

You may be interested what is "Default" value of some options? What does it mean? The "Default" option value refers to Theme Options > Header > Page Title options. When you select "Default" option this treat as "Take the value of similar option from Theme Options". This may be very useful, because you can disable Page Title globally for every existing and new pages. Or change the default page title size. No need to edit every page and change those boring options.

Let's look in more detail at each setting:

(1) Is the name of your page. Which you specify when creating a new page.

(2) The breadcrumbs. StartApp uses Breadcrumb NavXT plugin to manage the breadcrumbs. Just install and activate the plugin and breadcrumbs will appear automatically. This plugin has its own settings to control breadcrumbs appearance and behaviour.

(3) The background image. You can use the Page Title Background Image option within the Page Settings meta box to upload you custom background image.

Other settings explanation:

  • Page Title: whether to show or hide the page title on a certain page. Default value refers to the value of StartApp > Theme Options > Header > Page Title option.
  • Page Title Skin: may be useful to control the appearance on dark or light backgrounds.
  • Page Title Size: to control the Page Title size. NOTE: Extra Large Page Title size works the best with Header types like: Ghost or Floating.
  • Overlap Content: this option allows to make a cool effect in pair with header. Try it out.
  • Make Page Title Full Width: while disabled your Page Title will be wrapped to container.
  • Parallax: allow to create a parallax effect on the Page Title. NOTE: you have to specify the background image to make this option works.
  • Overlay: add an overlay on the Page Title. NOTE: you have to specify the background image to make this option works.

In version 1.1.0 we add 2 new options to Page Title settings:

  • Solid Background Color which allows you to use a color in case you don't like the default or don't want to use an image.
  • Video Background. This option allows you to play a video from YouTube or Vimeo on your Page Title's background. NOTE: you have to enable the parallax option.

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