Menus: Mega Menu

In StartApp mega menu is built with sidebars and widgets. Here some examples from our demo. SaaS Demo:

SaaS Demo

Default Demo:

Default Demo

How to built a Mega Menu

1. Go to Appearance > Widgets. Here you can see a Mega Menu 1 sidebar. 

You can link this sidebar to Menu Item.

2. Add widgets to this sidebar. Each widget converts to column. Supported widgets: Categories, Custom Menu, Pages, StartApp Button, Visual Editor (Black Studio TinyMCE).

3. Go to Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu and add fill it with items as usually.

4. Expand the menu item which you want to link with Mega Menu 1 sidebar. Find the option Choose Mega Menu and select "Mega Menu 1" in dropdown list.

5. Save your menu.

How to create more than one Mega Menu?

To create more that one Mega Menu you have to increase a number of Mega Menu sidebars. In your Dashboard go to StartApp > Theme Options > Header > Mega Menu. Here you can find an option Mega Menu Sidebar Number. Just add a required number of Mega Menus to this field. This will generate the equal number of Mega Menu sidebars. That just repeat five steps above for each sidebar.

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