Menus: Creating a Scroller Menu

To create a Scroller navigation follow this steps:

(1) Create Row and specify the Row ID

Important: Do NOT add the # symbol to your ID, it isn’t necessary, just give it a unique name. Also note the Offset Top option. With this option you can control how far it will occur from the top of the page when scrolled to this row.

(2) Create a new menu and add custom links for each menu item. The main idea is that each menu item should point to a row with specified Row ID options. To URL field add your Row ID you are linking to with leading # symbol.

(3) Assign this menu to Scroller location

(4) Enable the Scroller and choose the page where the Scroller navigation will shown. In your Dashboard go to StartApp > Theme Options > Header > Scroller. In this section enable Scroller and choose a page from the dropdown list. Optionally you can change the position.

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