Menus: Anchored navigation

Anchored navigation was designed for One Page site layouts (for example Landing Page, etc). Meaning it's not going to work on any other page besides the one it is initially used for. If you enabled anchored navigation for certain menu item please consider that it works only within the page which contains the section with relevant ID.

You can add anchored menu items in any menu and it will work. Anchored menu acts like a scroller navigation with one difference - it still looks like a normal menu! So you have an alternative if you don't like/want scroller navigation. 

Enabling anchored navigation is pretty similar to Scroller navigation:

(1) Create Row and specify the Row ID

(2) Create a new menu and add custom links for each menu item. To URL field add your Row ID you are linking to with leading # symbol.

(3) Enable option Link to Anchor

(4) Assign this menu to any location, except Scroller. You may have unexpected issues mixing this two features.

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