Demo Import

If you want your website looks like on demo page, you have to import demo content. This is a good idea if you are building your website from scratch. However, if you have an existing website, you should be very careful with plugin installation and importing demo - this may effect your site content and structure.

First, make sure you have installed and activated Guild Importer plugin. After activation you will see a new option Demo Import in StartApp dashboard menu. 

Here you will be able to select a specific demo you want to import. After that the only thing left is to click the Import button.


  • Import process requires all plugins, required and recommended, to be installed and activated to avoid problems with import.
  • Real photos used in our live demo will not be imported due to copyright / license restrictions. Placeholders will be used instead.
  • All existing widgets will be overwritten.

We recommend to run importer on clean WordPress installation. You can find WordPress all demo files in the Full Theme Package on the ThemeForest in Demo folder.

Any problems importing demo? Please check our troubleshooting section first!

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