Advanced: How to enable unsupported Visual Composer shortcodes?

We do not support all Visual Composer shortcodes, because they do not fit into our design. But if you need any of that shortcode you can easily re-enable them within the child theme with the filter:

 * Re-enable one or many Visual Composer shortcodes
 * @param array $shortcodes
 * @return array
function startapp_child_enable_vc_shortcodes( array $shortcodes ) {
   $enable = array(
   return array_diff( $shortcodes, $enable );
add_filter( 'startapp_vc_unsupported_shortcodes', 'startapp_child_enable_vc_shortcodes' );

Where $enable is a list of shortcode you want to re-enable.

You can find a list of disabled shortcodes in /startapp/inc/vc.php on line 180

NOTE: Unsupported shortcodes will require additional styling.